Are you real Team?

Yes, we are.

Why do you do it?

We are a gamer team, who tried to collect a lots of coins, points etc. for games and we hate the scam and not working tools, but sometimes we found an easy and working method to get some resources, therefore we collect them for you. 🙂

I can’t find your tools anywhere, why?

At first these are not our tools! We know some coders/hackers who make hacks/tools for themselves or for a group. They are sharing often their hidden methods with us and after a lots of entreaty some coders allow to publicate them here, but you will not be able to find them on Google.

Are these tools safe?

YES! ABSOLUTELY SAFE! If you do not trust in this just use it in Private Browser in Chrome, Firefox etc.

How often can I use the tools?

It is depends on the tool. You can use them at least twice a day, but there are some tools which do not have limit. And 95% of the tools are alert you if you reached the limit. Do not worry.